April Coffee Specials

16oz Coconut Mocha:   $4.10

Chocolate Sauce
Coconut syrup

16oz Frozen Black Forest Mocha:  $4.10

Chocolate Sauce
Black Chery Syrup
Blended with Whip Cream

Watermelon & Cantaloupe
Red Bull:  $3.00
Iced Flavored Iced Green Tea:   $1.99

Green Tea with any Fruit FlavorType your paragraph here.


Chinese, Japanese, Korean, the best of Asian.  Teriyaki Chicken with a delicious homemade recipe. Korean Bulgogi Sweet, juicy, tender marinated beef.  Yakisoba one of the favorite specialties.

​​Honeywon Cafe

Whether you're looking for something for your vegetarian friends, or you want a little chicken on your salad, we have something for everyone.


Try out  our new FreeStyle Coke Dispenser over 70 types of drinks!

American Classic Sandwiches juicy fire-grilled burgers, Classic BLT,  French Dip, Pulled Pork Sandwiches.  Lite Menu offers Half Deli Sandwich, Cheese Quesadillas and Wraps.

Asian Dishes

Monday - Friday

7:00AM - 3:00PM

Drinks always served with a smile to help you start your day!  Marvelous hot and ice coffee drinks with a fine aroma. Espresso's, Lattes, Italian Sodas and much more. 

Salad Bar

Espresso Shop

Honeywon Cafe LLC
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